My Body is My Machine, and My Chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA Keeps My Back Adjusted

I like to surf, and my body takes a beating sometimes. I have genetic problems with my back, and my MRI indicates I should not even be able to walk well, let alone surf on the weekends. I attribute the care of my chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA along with my exercises for keeping me mobile. I do have strong back muscles, and I keep it aligned as good as possible by regular visits to my chiropractor. I do have pain on occasion, but I am still active.

I have disc damage and problems with the bones in my back. However, instead of surgery and instructions to take it easy, I see my chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA to keep me adjusted. My body is my machine for getting around in this world. Read more

I Need to Go See My Chiropractor As Soon As the Pain Starts

What pain words are in your vocabulary? Do you say “Ouch” a lot? How about a good old-fashioned “Oww?” When my back catches, I will give out an exclamatory “Oh!” Sometimes I just grab my back and catch myself saying, “Stupid back pain!” My wife says I groan and made caveman noises when I get out of bed during the pain times with my back too. When I start using more pain words, I go see my Orland Park chiropractor for relief. Just like I know to come in out of the rain, I know to go see my chiropractor when my back starts to hurt.

I get relief when I go. However, I am also the guy who will complain about his hair being too long and then not go see a barber for another month. I keep doing this with my back too, and I admit that it is stupid. Read more

Something Popped in My Back

I was out walking on a local trail when I had to bend over to tie my shoe. The ironic part is that I had stopped to do this so I would not get hurt, but something happened when I bent over. I felt something pop in my back, and the pain was horrendous. Thankfully, I was only about a half mile from my car, but it took me a while to walk that short distance because of the pain. I knew that I had to call a chiropractor in Bakersfield CA because something was seriously wrong.

It did not occur to me to call or see any other type of professional. Read more

It Wasn’t a Bus, It Was a Bicycle That Caused Me Harm

People talk about being careful and then going out and getting hit by a bus. It is supposed to be sort of a metaphor for not knowing what may come. Well, getting hit by a guy flying along the sidewalk on a bicycle is one of those things that beat the bus story by a country mile. I never thought I would have to be the one to call a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to go after an insurance company because of getting hit by a bicycle. I mean, you have people hit by drunk drivers and people texting. I think getting mangled by a guy on a bicycle would rank up there with getting hit by a bus whose driver was drunk and texting! Okay, so you get it that it likely is a rare incident.

Still, even though a bicycle is lightweight, when it is propelled along at top speed by a 190 pound guy, it can break bones, cause a concussion and a permanent spinal injury. Read more

Hurt My Back on the Slopes

Like usual there was a woman involved, I have been pursuing her for some time and eventually got her to go out with me. That has been going on for a couple of months and it was progressing very well. Then we went skiing together and I found out very quickly that she is a whole lot better at that than I am. She would just get on the advanced slopes like it was nothing, and of course I could not tell her my skills were not appropriate there. A Sacramento chiropractor just got done trying to fix my back from the results. In fact I did quite well for a while. I was trying to take it easy and I made it to the bottom of the slope about four or five times without any incidents, although one time I got up a lot of speed and I was scared for a bit. Read more

I Needed Help in Two Very Big Ways

My back pain seemed to start out in my lower back. After going through a chronic form of that for over a year, I then began having trouble with both my shoulders and my neck. I was also dealing with muscle spasm. I found myself stuck laying on the couch or in bed too often. My bosses were not happy with me calling in to say that I could not make it to work. One of them told me that I should see a chiropractor in Fort Myers for an assessment, and he even offered to pay for me to go. I was grateful for this and told him I would do it.

I thought that the movement from my lower back up to my shoulders and neck were relaated. But the chiropractor told me they were not. He went over everything with me, and he really helped to give me a good idea of what was going on. He also stated that I needed to work on my stress levels so that I would not continue to have issues. I knew he was right. I had been going through high levels of stress for too long as a single mom taking care of two very young children. I knew that I was going to need help for myself with my back issues and I was also going to need help from family for the sake of my kids.

After quite a few appointments, I found that I was able to get back to business without much trouble. I had also talked to my mother about babysitting my children more so that I could afford to have a little time for myself. She loves her grandkids and was happy to do it. I never wanted to ask her if she would do that before because I feared she would not want to.

Had to Get an Adjustment for My Back

I spent about a day or so looking around and doing my due diligence before I picked out a chiropractor in Sacramento. Of course the more you know about how this stuff works, the more seriously you are going to take this task. You definitely do not want to blindly pick out the first guy that you see in the listings. From what I can tell it is not like there are lots and lots of people who get a bad result from going to see a chiropractor, but it happens and as with doctors there are some bad ones that cause most of the issues. The job involves trying to move the vertebra and other bones around in the body. Read more

I Needed Dentures in the Worst Way

I looked online for a Fremont dentist because I knew it was finally time to get in and have my teeth removed for dentures. I’d put it off for years because of my fear of the pain of all those extractions and also the stigma of having dentures. I came from a family with bad genes and none of us had good teeth. Them being all crooked was the least of the problems. Gum disease, cracked teeth, thin enamel, you name it we had it. I tried to maintain them well through adulthood, but once I hit sixty there was no saving them.

I cringed even going in for a cleaning as the dentist would take a look and make a face. You knew what they were going to say. Probably time to have those teeth come out is not a statement anyone wants to hear, but I’ve heard it time and time again. The worst thing is eating. Read more