My Body is My Machine, and My Chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA Keeps My Back Adjusted

I like to surf, and my body takes a beating sometimes. I have genetic problems with my back, and my MRI indicates I should not even be able to walk well, let alone surf on the weekends. I attribute the care of my chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA along with my exercises for keeping me mobile. I do have strong back muscles, and I keep it aligned as good as possible by regular visits to my chiropractor. I do have pain on occasion, but I am still active.

I have disc damage and problems with the bones in my back. However, instead of surgery and instructions to take it easy, I see my chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA to keep me adjusted. My body is my machine for getting around in this world. Read more

I Need to Go See My Chiropractor As Soon As the Pain Starts

What pain words are in your vocabulary? Do you say “Ouch” a lot? How about a good old-fashioned “Oww?” When my back catches, I will give out an exclamatory “Oh!” Sometimes I just grab my back and catch myself saying, “Stupid back pain!” My wife says I groan and made caveman noises when I get out of bed during the pain times with my back too. When I start using more pain words, I go see my Orland Park chiropractor for relief. Just like I know to come in out of the rain, I know to go see my chiropractor when my back starts to hurt.

I get relief when I go. However, I am also the guy who will complain about his hair being too long and then not go see a barber for another month. I keep doing this with my back too, and I admit that it is stupid. Read more

Something Popped in My Back

I was out walking on a local trail when I had to bend over to tie my shoe. The ironic part is that I had stopped to do this so I would not get hurt, but something happened when I bent over. I felt something pop in my back, and the pain was horrendous. Thankfully, I was only about a half mile from my car, but it took me a while to walk that short distance because of the pain. I knew that I had to call a chiropractor in Bakersfield CA because something was seriously wrong.

It did not occur to me to call or see any other type of professional. Read more

It Wasn’t a Bus, It Was a Bicycle That Caused Me Harm

People talk about being careful and then going out and getting hit by a bus. It is supposed to be sort of a metaphor for not knowing what may come. Well, getting hit by a guy flying along the sidewalk on a bicycle is one of those things that beat the bus story by a country mile. I never thought I would have to be the one to call a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to go after an insurance company because of getting hit by a bicycle. I mean, you have people hit by drunk drivers and people texting. I think getting mangled by a guy on a bicycle would rank up there with getting hit by a bus whose driver was drunk and texting! Okay, so you get it that it likely is a rare incident.

Still, even though a bicycle is lightweight, when it is propelled along at top speed by a 190 pound guy, it can break bones, cause a concussion and a permanent spinal injury. Read more

Hurt My Back on the Slopes

Like usual there was a woman involved, I have been pursuing her for some time and eventually got her to go out with me. That has been going on for a couple of months and it was progressing very well. Then we went skiing together and I found out very quickly that she is a whole lot better at that than I am. She would just get on the advanced slopes like it was nothing, and of course I could not tell her my skills were not appropriate there. A Sacramento chiropractor just got done trying to fix my back from the results. In fact I did quite well for a while. I was trying to take it easy and I made it to the bottom of the slope about four or five times without any incidents, although one time I got up a lot of speed and I was scared for a bit. Read more

I Needed Help in Two Very Big Ways

My back pain seemed to start out in my lower back. After going through a chronic form of that for over a year, I then began having trouble with both my shoulders and my neck. I was also dealing with muscle spasm. I found myself stuck laying on the couch or in bed too often. My bosses were not happy with me calling in to say that I could not make it to work. One of them told me that I should see a chiropractor in Fort Myers for an assessment, and he even offered to pay for me to go. I was grateful for this and told him I would do it.

I thought that the movement from my lower back up to my shoulders and neck were relaated. But the chiropractor told me they were not. He went over everything with me, and he really helped to give me a good idea of what was going on. He also stated that I needed to work on my stress levels so that I would not continue to have issues. I knew he was right. I had been going through high levels of stress for too long as a single mom taking care of two very young children. I knew that I was going to need help for myself with my back issues and I was also going to need help from family for the sake of my kids.

After quite a few appointments, I found that I was able to get back to business without much trouble. I had also talked to my mother about babysitting my children more so that I could afford to have a little time for myself. She loves her grandkids and was happy to do it. I never wanted to ask her if she would do that before because I feared she would not want to.

Had to Get an Adjustment for My Back

I spent about a day or so looking around and doing my due diligence before I picked out a chiropractor in Sacramento. Of course the more you know about how this stuff works, the more seriously you are going to take this task. You definitely do not want to blindly pick out the first guy that you see in the listings. From what I can tell it is not like there are lots and lots of people who get a bad result from going to see a chiropractor, but it happens and as with doctors there are some bad ones that cause most of the issues. The job involves trying to move the vertebra and other bones around in the body. Read more

I Needed Dentures in the Worst Way

I looked online for a Fremont dentist because I knew it was finally time to get in and have my teeth removed for dentures. I’d put it off for years because of my fear of the pain of all those extractions and also the stigma of having dentures. I came from a family with bad genes and none of us had good teeth. Them being all crooked was the least of the problems. Gum disease, cracked teeth, thin enamel, you name it we had it. I tried to maintain them well through adulthood, but once I hit sixty there was no saving them.

I cringed even going in for a cleaning as the dentist would take a look and make a face. You knew what they were going to say. Probably time to have those teeth come out is not a statement anyone wants to hear, but I’ve heard it time and time again. The worst thing is eating. Read more

Finding Best Foundation for Oily Skin

A liquid-based foundation gives you a shine Charlie Chaplin’s shoes would be proud of, besides enlarged pores! It’s foul play, for the luminosity of the skin bears the brunt no end. Whereas, a powder-based foundation tends to rub off very fast, lasting for little more than an hour or two. Plus, it clogs pores, and acne might be the so-called “reward” for your skin. If your experience with using a foundation is similar, then perhaps, you have oily skin.

To judge your skin type, use the simple blot-test: Right after you wake up in the morning, grab a tissue, place it to cover your entire face, and press gently. Observe the tissue — if there are oily spots on most of the area, you have oily skin; if the spots are only in the T-zone, you have combination skin; and if the tissue has no spots at all, you have normal to dry skin.

► The Best Picks

The trick to get gorgeous, vibrant skin is to find the right foundation — one that covers spots, blemishes, hides the pores effectively, and doesn’t look cakey. It should also reduce shine and stay good for a minimum of 4 hours. Following is a list of foundations in the market that seem to work best on oily skin:

  • Burberry Velvet Foundation
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation
  • GloMinerals GloPressed Base – Powder Mineral Foundation
  • Clarins Ever Matte Skin Balancing Foundation
  • Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Foundation
  • Naked Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation Duo
  • M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation
  • Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer
  • Flawless Skin Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF15 Foundation
  • Bare Escentuals – Bare Minerals Ready Foundation
  • Clarins Ever Matte Skin Balancing Foundation
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Makeup
  • Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup
  • Laura Mercier Silk Crème
  • Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

► Criteria to Choose the Best Foundation

When choosing a foundation for oily skin, the most important words to look for are noncomedogenic. These products are formulated for oily, acne-prone skin, and are less likely to cause breakouts. In case they are not available, go for oil-free foundations — gel-based or liquid-based, powder or mineral products work best. Other words to look for, include mattifying and shine-reducing. Avoid using heavy cream-based foundations as they are more suitable for people with dry skin. These will not only leave your face looking greasy and shiny, but it will also lead to clogged pores and blackheads.

The next criterion to consider would be the kind of coverage you want besides the condition of your skin — if you have a relatively smooth skin, i.e., free of spots and blemishes, then you may opt for a light-tinted moisturizer for daily wear. It provides coverage while letting your skin breathe. However, if your skin requires more coverage and you are planning to attend an important event or party, you, definitely require a foundation that can conceal all your imperfections. Most women keep two foundations — one with sheer cover for daily wear and the other offering medium-heavy cover for special occasions.

The third step is determining the right shade for you — the right shade will make your skin look naturally flawless. Go to a department store and use the testers there. Apply a shade that you think is the closest match to your natural color, then a shade lighter, followed by one that is darker. Blend the shades in your skin, then go for the one that doesn’t show any lines around it, and has a slight yellow undertone. Test the shades on your jaw as well as forehead. Do repeat the test every 4 months as your skin tone changes.

► Applying Foundation — Learn What’s Right!

Just buying the right foundation that is suitable for oily skin is not enough, it is also vital that you use it right. Never apply foundation directly on your skin. Apply an oil-free primer first; if you don’t have one, use a light moisturizing lotion. A primer allows the foundation to glide smoothly on your skin and helps the makeup last longer.

If you have a lot of freckles or discoloration on your skin, the best way to hide them is to use a good-quality concealer. Use it before you apply the foundation so that it blends well, and stays invisible. Take a small amount of foundation on your makeup brush, then start from the center of the face and move outwards. Do not forget the neck region — apply the foundation right till your shirt starts, so that you don’t get a ‘mask-face’. Wait 5-10 minutes for the foundation to set and then use a face powder to absorb any excess oil and ‘set’ the base.

For best results, use a shade darker than your original shade with warm, yellow undertones. Invest in a good-quality brush, too, for it gives a lissome finish to your makeup. Do sanitize all your makeup brushes and sponges regularly as they tend to harbor bacteria. Remember: The ideal foundation for oily skin is one that will conceal enlarged pores and give you a luminous finish without a hint of shine, lasting for more than 6 to 8 hours.

Ways to Test Makeup Products

download-46Women are always attracted to shiny, shimmery, sparkling, glamorous, and all such similar things. Makeup is one of them. Some are born with an innate flair for choosing the right products, and then there are the rest who find it tough to decide which is the best.

To catch the latest trend, they run bonkers from one cosmetic store to another. In the hope of transforming their look with a single brush flick, they end up buying junk that they either don’t use or don’t know how it’s used.

But it’s not the fault of women! Our cursory society gives so much importance to physical appearance that it becomes necessary to don a made-up look. That being said, it can be declared that makeup is cardinal. It packs our confidence and happiness in smart covers and makes it easily available at multiple beauty counters.

These beauty counter encounters are, most of the time, painful and downright confusing. The staff at the counters are eager to take you through a humble demo of almost everything. To stop them and tell your preferences, you need some real guts.

Here, you will find some tips on how to test makeup products before buying, so that the next time you approach that department store beauty counter, you will do it with aplomb.

Checking for Suitability: Do a Patch Test

It is the most important step before purchasing any kind of makeup products, especially if you have sensitive skin. Doing a patch test is very easy. It should be done on the inside of the wrist or elbow. The patch should be cleaned thoroughly, and the product that you want to check should be applied on it. For at least 24 hours, the area should not be wetted or washed. After 24 hours, you should check for any redness, irritation, rashes, itching, burning sensation, swelling, or soreness. If there are no visible cues that would suggest an allergy, then you can safely use the product.

Checking for Skin Tone

Before I move ahead to tell you about the correct way of choosing cosmetics, everyone should keep in mind the following points:

For fairer skin, the colors chosen for cosmetics should range from soft pink to beige. Anything pastel with pink undertones would enhance your features without becoming overwhelming.

For medium-fair and medium-dark skin, the colors chosen should be neutrals that are spiced up with hues of gold. Anything that reads ivory, honey, caramel, or buff is the one for you. Well-known makeup artists say that these type of skin colors can handle a wide range of colors.

For dark skin, colors like tan, coffee, copper, bronze, or chocolate are the ones for you. A little care should be taken while choosing foundation. Choose as close a shade as possible to your natural skin color. For lips, anything in red, brown, raisin, or plum will work.


Dab a small amount of it on your neck (not at the back of the palm, for heaven’s sake!), and rub it till it dissolves away into your skin. Choose the most natural-looking color. Those with oily to combination skin, should prefer a non-shiny or matte variant, and those with normal to dry skin should opt for satin, creamy, and glossy variants. It is a safe bet to select variants with yellow undertones than that which have pink undertones.


It is recommended that you should invest in two good quality concealers – one with yellow and one with a pinkish shade. Why? Because the yellow-tinted one works well on dark spots as well as pimple spots on the face, while the pink one works on the under eye area. You should find the perfect color by swiping it on the inner side of the wrist. Concealers that have words, like illuminating, lightening, brightening, or highlighting can be chosen.


There is one thing that needs to be remembered about color cosmetics – never be afraid of the brightness of the color because it spreads and sheers out on the skin. When choosing a blusher, you should first try it on the back of your palm. Now, be careful with this one, because a blusher will show different shades when applied with and without foundation. It is seen that cream blushers give a more natural look than powder variants.


They are meant to mimic the tan that you get after a sunbath. If it has shimmer, then don’t opt for it. Also, too dark a shade will look artificial. The trick to test a bronzer is to apply it on the inner side of the arm. Now check if you are able to see the speckles on the skin through it. If not, then better not to go with it.


“Translucent” is the word for powder. Dab some on the back of your palm, and it should disappear after a little rubbing. Ideally, it should not have any color. A powder can have multiple benefits. If you apply it under an eyeshadow, you can make the eyeshadow last longer. Even while applying mascara or eyeliner, you can apply it on the under eye area to avoid the fallen mascara droplets from smudging.

Pressed Powder

It is a type of foundation but without the mess. An ideal pressed powder is tinted but still translucent. It should reduce the shine on the skin and give it a natural matte look. Just like foundation, a pressed powder should be tried by applying it on the neck. It should blend seamlessly and should be lightweight. The idea behind applying pressed powder is to even out the skin and reduce the shine, and not for getting a fair look.


While choosing a mascara, it is advised to stick to black. It is the safest option and suits almost all eye colors. If you want to experiment a bit, then you can go for blue, green, or purple. These colors look great on brown and blue eyes. But those with black eyes need not be disappointed. With a little care, even black eyes can be made to look gorgeous. Make sure that the wand you select is thin because only then it will be able to reach the roots of the lashes easily. Mascara with the words, like volumizing and lengthening should be picked.


While selecting an eyeliner, try to pick the waterproof version so that you can apply it and forget about it. But if you have sensitive skin, try to stay away from waterproof eyeliners. If you are opting for a pencil, then an oily tip would not be a good choice. Oily tips tend to smudge easily, but if you still want to go for it, then make sure it has words, such as ‘firm’ or ‘lasts 10 hours’ written on the package. One advantage of oily tips is that they draw easily. When compared to a pencil, a liquid eyeliner is always the better option. They can be tested by applying a stroke on the back of the palm, waiting for it to dry, and then trying to smudge it. It is fine if it smudges a little, but too much smudging is a sign that it would run out under your eyes.


Eyelids have creases; therefore, a good eyeshadow should have the capacity to resist creasing after applying. To test it, you should apply a little of it on the backside of the palm and also on the inner side of the wrist. You should bend the wrist a few times to see if it creases. A little creasing is fine, but it should not cake inside the crease. For an everyday natural look, you should opt for colors that are pinkish to beige and have a little shimmer. People with fairer skin tones should opt for more translucent and sheer variants.


This is a cosmetic that is every woman’s favorite. Over a period of time, it has gained the reputation of being a “handbag essential”. So, how do we choose the perfect color? First, make sure you are standing in a well-lit area. If you have a tester, you should apply a little on the pad of your fingertips (not at the back of the hand) and check how the color comes out by tilting your hand back and forth a few times. It is seen that matte finishes give a heavy color payoff as compared to glossy finishes, but they dry the lips. In today’s fast-paced life, I can say that it is better to stick to glossy or satin finishes that serve both the purposes – color and shine.

Lip Gloss

Again a “handbag essential”, lip glosses come in various types to choose from. The current trend is flavored lip gloss. To test a lip gloss, you should test it in the same way as a lipstick. Apply a little on the fingertip and join the two fingertips to feel the consistency of the lip gloss. Check if it is too sticky or runny. If you want a heavily pigmented lip gloss that would also serve as a lipstick, you should pick up the one that has the word “lacquer” written on it.


I feel the quote “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting” by Christian Dior speaks volumes about the importance of perfumes. To select a good-quality perfume, you need to follow certain steps. Always test the perfume after taking a bath and without applying any scent or moisturizer. You need to spray the perfume on the wrist as well as paper strip.

On your wrist, the perfume will get absorbed fast, and the smell will stay on your skin. In this way, you will be able to judge if the perfume is long-lasting or not. When testing on a paper strip, you need to spray the perfume on it and smell the strip after about 30 seconds.

It is essential to sniff coffee beans between each testing. They neutralize the smell and keep you away from getting a headache.
Quick Tip!
Check your drawers, and if you find some old business or visiting cards, take them along. According to expert perfumers, they are thick enough and have the texture to absorb a scent to give out the real notes as well as the subtle base notes.

While you have gone shopping for cosmetics, in all that enthusiasm, do not forget to check the makeup expiration dates as it could have harmful effects, like acne patches or blemishes, which you obviously do not want to encounter.

Here’s one last thing to be mentioned before I sum it up – never apply any makeup tester directly on your face, especially the lips and eyes. They may be contaminated due to frequent use. As far as possible, try to test it on your hands. If you are testing liquid products from a tube, then just squeeze out a bit of it on a tissue and throw it away, and then squeeze again. The reason being that bacteria always thrive on the topmost layer. Also, make it a point to ask the sales staff for disposable testers or at least wands and sticks. I’m sure with these tips in your kitty, you will pick up the most suitable product for yourself.