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The Process Of Medical Billing Medical billing is a procedure of remuneration that is found in US health system. This procedure is whereby a healthcare provider submits, follows up and claims with the health insurance companies so that they can receive payment for the services that they offered to a patient. The services can be curing and also do studies for a patient. This process is used to many of the insurance companies. The insurance company can either be private or public. The coding of the medical procedure mainly reports what the diagnosis and the treatment were for the patient. The prices are applied according to the treatment that was offered to the patient. The medical billers can access a certificate by taking some exams such as the CMRS as well as the RHIA. Attending the exams is not required by law, but it is advisable to take them. A a person interested in medical billing is advised to have a certificate by attending an institution dealing with the same field. In the past decade; the medical billing process was done on paper. There have been advancements since the arrival of the health practice management software that is also called health information program. The advancement has allowed efficient management of large claims. many companies have come up to offer the software for medical billing. Companies are starting up by using own web-interfaces. There is a need to be certified for the aspects of medical billing and the medical offices involved. Those who are interested can attend school to acquire the training. The schools will train you and offer the necessary grades so that they can rate the position that you can occupy. The relation of the medical biller and the insurance company is whereby the insurance industry pays for the patient. The procedure is known as the billing cycle or the cycle of income management. The interaction involves the management of the claims, payment as well as the billing. The process could take a duration of days or months. The relation of the insurer and the health care provider is that of a subcontractor. The insurer offers a contract to the health care provider to offer services to the patients and be paid in return. The physician has the responsibility to upgrade the medical records of the patients. After the physician sees the victim, the diagnosis, and the process codes are allocated. The codes help the insurance company to settle on the coverage and also the medical necessities of the services. The codes are then taken to the insurance company. The whole medical billing procedure is carried out electronically that is in the transfer of the claims.

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