Hurt My Back on the Slopes

Like usual there was a woman involved, I have been pursuing her for some time and eventually got her to go out with me. That has been going on for a couple of months and it was progressing very well. Then we went skiing together and I found out very quickly that she is a whole lot better at that than I am. She would just get on the advanced slopes like it was nothing, and of course I could not tell her my skills were not appropriate there. A Sacramento chiropractor just got done trying to fix my back from the results. In fact I did quite well for a while. I was trying to take it easy and I made it to the bottom of the slope about four or five times without any incidents, although one time I got up a lot of speed and I was scared for a bit.

The accident happened when it was nearly dark and I was probably a little cocky because I had gone so long without wrecking. At any rate I got up going really fast on the middle of the slope and then I was knocked off balance by another skier. Where that guy came from I have no idea. He did not hit me very much and maybe that was my fault. It did put me off balance and the next thing that I knew I was in the trees. I did what you are supposed to do, I sat down on my butt just as quickly as I could. That is the only way to slow down, but it works over time and I was really flying. I saw the tree coming at me and I turned away from it, but that meant it hit me right in the back.