I Needed Help in Two Very Big Ways

My back pain seemed to start out in my lower back. After going through a chronic form of that for over a year, I then began having trouble with both my shoulders and my neck. I was also dealing with muscle spasm. I found myself stuck laying on the couch or in bed too often. My bosses were not happy with me calling in to say that I could not make it to work. One of them told me that I should see a chiropractor in Fort Myers for an assessment, and he even offered to pay for me to go. I was grateful for this and told him I would do it.

I thought that the movement from my lower back up to my shoulders and neck were relaated. But the chiropractor told me they were not. He went over everything with me, and he really helped to give me a good idea of what was going on. He also stated that I needed to work on my stress levels so that I would not continue to have issues. I knew he was right. I had been going through high levels of stress for too long as a single mom taking care of two very young children. I knew that I was going to need help for myself with my back issues and I was also going to need help from family for the sake of my kids.

After quite a few appointments, I found that I was able to get back to business without much trouble. I had also talked to my mother about babysitting my children more so that I could afford to have a little time for myself. She loves her grandkids and was happy to do it. I never wanted to ask her if she would do that before because I feared she would not want to.