It Wasn’t a Bus, It Was a Bicycle That Caused Me Harm

People talk about being careful and then going out and getting hit by a bus. It is supposed to be sort of a metaphor for not knowing what may come. Well, getting hit by a guy flying along the sidewalk on a bicycle is one of those things that beat the bus story by a country mile. I never thought I would have to be the one to call a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to go after an insurance company because of getting hit by a bicycle. I mean, you have people hit by drunk drivers and people texting. I think getting mangled by a guy on a bicycle would rank up there with getting hit by a bus whose driver was drunk and texting! Okay, so you get it that it likely is a rare incident.

Still, even though a bicycle is lightweight, when it is propelled along at top speed by a 190 pound guy, it can break bones, cause a concussion and a permanent spinal injury. When the pain never goes away, and you are glad you can at least still walk, you still have to deal with an upside down world where you can’t do stuff like you used to. I can no longer work my job. I cannot play tag football with my son. I cannot push mow the lawn. I am never even comfortable in my bed. I can walk around, climb a flight of stairs-much slower than I used to-and my right arm is not strong like it used to be. I can even be creative writing this little thing, but my brain is not as sharp as it was just a season ago.

There are a lot of people like this. They get hurt, and only certain damage is measurable. We like to quantify and categorize everything, especially when it comes down to getting money. How do you really measure lost potential? Maybe the construction worker would have invented a tool to revolutionize the industry, but the accident made him unable to even concentrate to read his birthday cards. How do you measure what he has lost when there is so much of an unknown? Well, that is why my family helped me get the best Sacramento personal injury lawyer we could find.

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